Latest – Church – Blockwork and Internal – 13.06.11

Main Hall/Place of Worship within Church - 13.06.11

This is the main hall/place of worship within our Church. The picture has been taken from just inside the main entrance of the Church.  The plasterboarding of the floor is well on its way.





Kitchen/Session Meeting Area - 13.06.11

This is a picture of of what will be our kitchen/session meeting area as you come into the Church on the left hand side.





Toilets Area 13.06.11

This picture is where the toilets will be situated as you come into the main body of the Church, on the right hand side.





View looking to the front of the Church - 13.06.11

This picture was taken from where the the pulpit will be situated looking through to the main door area.  As you can see there is a partition which leads you to the Church exit.




View from entrance of Church - 13.06.11

This picture has been taken inside the entrance of the Church.  This shows you where the internal doors will be and takes you through to the main place of worship within the Church.




External Bockwork - 13.06.11

This picture shows that the block work has began.  They hope to begin on the tiling batons this week and the windows will be arriving in approximately 3 weeks time.

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