Psalm 63 v 1 – 8. Tune: Ballantrushal.

Psalm 63 v 1-8 – Ballantrushal

Psalm 145 (1st version) v 1 – 7 Tune: Lochbroom


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  • Ewan Macdonald

    I present the psalms but the tune Loch Broom is new to me. Is this a recognized psalm tune?

    • admin

      Hello Ewen.

      It all depends on what you mean by a “recognized psalm tune”. Presumably, you mean those tunes that are in one of the common Psalters in use today.

      We are not aware of the inclusion of Lochbroom in any of the common Psalters available at present although that may change as time goes on. There are, actually, a number of tunes in common use that aren’t in any of the common Psalters – “Bays of Harris”, “Ardross” and “Gairloch” spring to mind as examples.

      Their not currently being in a Psalter doesn’t invalidate their use so long as they are in the appropriate meter.

      I hope that clarifies your query.

      Every Blessing.
      Site Admin.

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