Office Bearers

As with all Presbyterian congregations, there are two Courts that regulate the affairs of the congregation. They are the Kirk Session (comprised of the Minister and the Elders) – who are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the Congregation, and the Deacons’ Court (comprised of the Minister, Elders and Deacons) – who are responsible for the financial aspects of the congregation.

When the congregations were established by the Presbytery, there were only two Elders in the Knock congregation with the Modertator. They were: Rev Kenneth Smith (Moderator), with Messrs Alexander Macleod, and Angus Macleod. In the Point congregation, there was only one Elder (Mr Donald John Mackenzie) with two Deacons (Messrs Donald Buchanan and William Macleod). The Presbytery appointed Rev M A N Macleod as Interim-Moderator and Messrs Donald Mackay and Donald Morrison (Stornoway) as Assesor Elders.

On 26th October 2000 it was unanimously agreed by both congregations to join in union under the name of Knock and Point Free Church (Continuing). This was duly ratified by the Presbytery and the Office bearers were confirmed as Rev Kenneth Smith (Moderator) with Messrs Alexander Macleod, Donald John Mackenzie and Angus Macleod (Ruling Elders) and Messrs Donald Buchanan and William Macleod (Deacons). In November 2001 Mr Calum Macleod was ordained as a Deacon and in April 2003 all three Deacons were ordained into the Eldership. William Macleod left the congregation in 2004. In April 2006, Rev James Clark was inducted to the charge of the congregation and took over from Rev Timothy McGlynn,  who had been Interim-Moderator from February 2004, and who in turn had taken over from Rev M A N Macleod, who was Interim-Moderator from February 2003. In December 2008 Mr Neil Ferguson was ordained to the Eldership (having previously been an Elder in the Church of Scotland) and remained an Elder until he moved back to his family home in Skye in October 2010.

Following the induction of Rev Alasdair Macleod in January 2015, Mr Angus Macleod resigned as Session clerk due to failing health and Rev Macleod took over as Session Clerk. Also in 2015, Mr William Macleod returned to the district and rejoined the congregation. In March 2016 he was admitted to the Eldership and Mr John Maclean was ordained as a Deacon.

Rev Alasdair J Macleod (Minister/Session Clerk)

Mr Angus Macleod (Elder) – Deceased 2017

Mr Donald Buchanan (Elder/Church Officer)

Mr Calum Macleod (Elder/Clerk to the Deacons’ Court/Sabbath School Superintendent)

Mr William Macleod (Presbytery Elder)

Mr John Maclean (Deacon)

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