Latest – The pulpit near completion – 19.01.12

Here we have the latest pictures of the pulpit near completion.  The Joiner responsible is Jonathan Murray of Alex Murray Construction.  The quality of the workmanship is of a high standard and it is well finished. That only leaves the stairs to be put in place.

Work has been carried out this week on the sewer and it is now complete.  The remaining pews have yet to be put in place.

The railings at the front of the church and the side of the church are now in place.   Work can shortly begin on the fencing and the main gates to the Church.

Prices have been sought in connection with a Presenter Box and a seating area for the Elders.




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1 comment to Latest – The pulpit near completion – 19.01.12

  • Raymond Kemp

    Dear all,

    It is wonderful to see the building on so far. We thought we would have heard of a date for opening already.

    It would be good just to be in the building, and do not worry too much about elders’ pews or precentor’s box – I’m sure that these things matter little on the great scale of giving worship to the Most High.

    Best wishes,

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