Latest – Church Carpet – Lino – Precentor’s Box – 27-03-12

Above are pictures taken of the latest works that have been carried out.  The Precentor’s Box is being put in place this week.  The carpet and lino were put down by Carpet World on Monday 26th March.  The entrance mat will go in on Tuesday 3rd April 2012.  The carpet has, without a doubt, enhanced the look of the church.

Alex Murray Construction are carrying out the final works this week in order for a completion certificate.

Quotes are still being obtained for the car park.  The mound at the side of the church is in the process of being taken away by a gentleman who called at the church on Friday morning to see if he could use it for his own purposes.   The removal of this is no longer a  cost in the work required to complete the car park.

A Fire Inspector called at the church on Friday 23rd March night and this is now being progressed.

The disabled parking bays were painted on Monday 26th March 2012.

More pictures and posts will follow in due course.



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2 comments to Latest – Church Carpet – Lino – Precentor’s Box – 27-03-12

  • Rev Raymond Kemp

    I was delighted to visit this beautiful building yesterday.

    The building is commodious and has all the modern facilities one would expect. Mrs Macleod and the senior elder, Angus, gave an interesting account of what had taken place over the past months, and it was encouraging to hear an account from those who have such a keen interest in the Lord’s cause in this particular place.

    May the Lord bless the proclamation of the word in the years ahead. Reformed, Biblical preaching; faithfulness in worship, practice and discipline; maintaining the old ways which our Free Church fathers and fore-fathers could recognise, adhere to, and delight in – the Lord God shall surely own for Himself.

    May He receive all the glory!

  • E. T. Kirkland

    Every blessing in your new building

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