06-08.10.11 – Removal and Arrival of the Church Pews

The Maclennan’s Removal Van arrived on Thursday 6th October 2011 at 1730 hours to upload the pews.  Over the course of the next couple of hours 15 of the pews were loaded on.  The remaining 5 will be collected this week as there was no more room.  The pews come with cushions.  We also received the church linen and the rings to attach the cloth to the pews at Communion time.

The pews were to be delivered on Monday 10th October but Donnie received a phone call on Saturday afternoon (08.10.11) to say that they would be delivered at 3pm.   Following a number of phone calls, a few of the men from the church attended and helped with the unloading of the pews.

The pews were put into the church but arrangements will be made to have them installed.

The pews have had the stain that was on them originally removed and two coats of French polish put on and what a difference it makes.  They have yet to be cleaned as they are currently very dusty having been in the workshop.

After the holiday weekend Calum is to enquire on the sewerage progress as this is currently holding everything back.  Other things to be looked into are the pulpit and the replacement of the lighting.

The outside steps of the church are now complete and an up-to-date photo will follow soon.



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